iPhoto 09 Facebook, the missing link

It seems like the iPhoto team missed something when creating the face info panel for ’09. They make you add the facebook id to that face in the application. What if you’re an avid Address Book user? Why not link the face to an address book entry and provide a field in Address Book to hold facebook ids? iPhoto could use a proprietary API to access file information for Address Book to pull info into and out of it. So a Face doesn’t have an address book entry? Fine, add the facebook id, but behind the scenes create an address book entry for that face. Name = face id and facebook id is what they entered. Then when you synch contacts up to Mobile Me, facebook entries go with it too.

Perhaps then the Facebook and Apple people could team up to provide up to date synching with contacts. Suppose you like a contact with a facebook id. Address book could regularly check FB to see if the information is up to date.

C’mon, apple! Give me an iPhoto API!!


1 Response to “iPhoto 09 Facebook, the missing link”

  1. January 7, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    I am so happy that iPhoto is going to have a Facebook uploader.

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