The “In” Crowd

I absolutely love programming with Cocoa and Obj-C. Seriously, similar to so many Ruby folks, Obj-C has brought back a level of enjoyment in programming for me that has been lost dealing with memory leaks in MFC and COM applications (YUK!). Seriously, getting a fully featured application is so easy. Apple takes all the roadblocks out of the way and puts you on a high way to geting a powerful application in no time.

I interviewed with a company yesterday looking for a PT Cocoa developer to reduce the load on the sole developer in the company (one out of four employees). Turns out that this sole developer is the guy behind the popular iPhone applicaiton Molecules. As we talked about his current requirements, we wandered into general Cocoa and Mac conversation and he started telling me about the crowd of independant developers out there working and making a living on Mac software. It was remarkable to learn about the individual minds behind tools like Delicious Library and other products. Seems like there is an underground “In Crowd” when it comes to Cocoa Apps and once you get in, you don’t want to come out.

My excitement and passion kept growing merely listening to the stories Brad told me about his experiences at WWDC and C4. I went home dreaming about attending conferences, meeting people in the In Crowd and designing apps to make people feel happy.


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