Again, the C++ team is accomplishing some real innovation here. Jim Springfield writes about the idea of populating from a build and remote definitions. This allows for the possibility of your build farm to host information for the dev team, giving the whole development team a huge productivity boost. Really, for large software teams working on very large code bases, this is huge.

We have also been thinking about some longer term ideas that build on this [new intellisense model]. This includes using a full SQL server to store information about source code, which multiple people can use. It would allow you to lookup code that isn’t even on your machine. For example, you could do a “goto definition” in your source and be taken to a file that isn’t even on your machine. This could be integrated with TFS so that the store is automatically updated as code is checked in, potentially even allowing you to query stuff over time. Another idea would be to populate a SQL database with information from a full build of your product. This would include very detailed information (i.e. like a BSC file) but shared among everyone and including all parts of an application. This would be very useful as you could identify all callers of a method when you are about to make a change to it.


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